Mrs Bellweather's story

Mrs Agnus Bellweather tells the following story:

When Franklin Cobb and the original settlers were moving toward this valley, they was halted by a group of Indians. It seems the Indians tried to warn the settlers this was cursed land. They told Franklin that, long ago, a tribe settled in this valley and evil spirits wiped them out in a single night. According to their legends, the tribe died in the most hideous ways: frozen, burned, or ripped apart.

The remains of those massacred were found and buried at the foot of a hill in the valley. But on that evening, the evil spirits took to the air, screaming curses and threats, but the Indian’s wise man had powerful magic and he was able to keep the spirits at bay while the his tribe made their escape.

Now I believe that there’s some truth in it. There ain’t no bugs in the valley, no bees, and no skeeters. Birds don’t fly overhead going south for the winter, and no bear or mountain lion comes down to terrorize us. The only things living in this valley are man and the things man brings. Did you know that farmers here don’t have to worry about weeds? They won’t grow here! Least not in the crops. So many things do grow here though; if we couldn’t sell it all off to the cities, we’d be drowning in crops and cows! And all this produce coming from thin, rocky soil. Every so often I wonder why we was granted this bounty, but more than that, I wonder what we’re paying for it.

Mrs Bellweather's story

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