The Third Dream

This dream was shared by Frank Haile Jr., Dianne Kitchen, David Lewis, Douglas Stoneman, Edward Tatum, and Clarissa Thurber on the night of August 17/18 1930:

You awake in complete darkness. Not due to a starless night or curtained room, but rather the absolute darkness of the void. Frozen and immobile, there is no possibility of movement. Though your eyes feel open, nothing can be seen through the impenetrable blackness. The only sensation is a slight buzzing in your ears, and this, through slow increments, grows in volume until it becomes a terrible buzzing. You think you can hear words throbbing through the uneven tones. A sharp excruciating pain follows, and the darkness is replaced by a sudden influx of light as nebulous shapes come into focus.
Discordant images flash before you. A fragmentary vision of a forest of huge twisted oaks thick with loathsome fungoid growths appears first, the sky barely visible beneath the canopy of leaves. This scene is followed by a city of sky blue marble.

Slender minarets are visible, as are high walls lined with bronze statues dressed in medieval garb. The scene then shifts to a windswept and desolate place spotted with squat granite huts. Unclear humanoid shapes lurk nearby, dancing and capering around flickering green flames. A massive vista of cylinder-shaped towers follows. A twilight world illuminated by sickly yellow orbs. A sudden cold fear builds as you stare at the shadows lurking beyond the city’s thirty-foot high doorways.

These visions fade and you find you are still immobile but now seem to be in an overgrown clearing of twisted weeds surrounded by trees. Sugar Maple trees. It is broad daylight, yet no bird sings. Powerless and immobile, you sense things moving nearby. From nowhere you hear a gut wrenching woman’s scream. You awake back in bed, frightened and confused.

The Third Dream

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