Tag: Cobb's Corners


  • Amanda Wells

    Amanda Wells is about 17 years old and works as an assistant at the Cobb's Corners library. Her Aunt [[:mable-carruthers | Mable Carruthers]] is the librarian.

  • Dan Spenser

    Sheriff Spenser is the law in Cobb's Corners (assisted by his Deputy John Cutter). He is a man who takes law and order very seriously and seems to have little in the way of a sense of humour.

  • John Cutter

    John Cutter is the very young (20 years old) Deputy Sheriff of Cobb's Corners. He seems to make a point of getting to know other young people who come into the town.

  • Emily Braithwaite

    Emily is 18 but has the mind of a three year old. She lives with her parents on the edge of town near the Maple Tree Woods. She is unable to speak and has a tendency to wander off from her home. She is currently missing and people have been asked to keep …

  • Jim Haggerty

    Jim Haggerty runs Cobb's Corners only restaurant, the diner known as Jim's Grill, along with his wife Anne and son Jason.

  • Ann Haggerty

    Ann Haggerty runs Jim's Grill with her husband [[:jim-haggerty | Jim]] and her son Jason and acts as the waitress there.

  • Jason Haggerty

    Jason is 14 and work at his parent's ([[:jim-haggerty | Jim]] and [[:ann-haggerty | Ann]]) diner, Jim's Grill when he isn't at school.