A Time to Harvest

Session 1 - Return to Cobbs Corner

Google Docs Session Log
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Harvest 1
Edward Tatum

August 1930 – Prohibition/stock market crash/great depression beginning impacting

Douglas Stoneman – Classics – Les
Diane Kitchen – English Major – Rhain
David lewis – Physics – Evan
Frank Hailig – Archaeology – Mark
Edward Tatun – Metallurgy – Andrew

Students at Arkham.

Expedition to Cobbs Corner in the state of Vermont.

Folklore, Mining exploration expedition. Last year there was an accident, 1 killed, 2 missing presumed dead. A climbing accident, involved Boyd Patterson, Daphne Devine and John Jeffrey bodies not found, Robert Blane is this years leader however missed the fatal day dueto a broken arm.

Others on

Clarissa Thurber
Jason Trent History
Roderic Block – Little Rod –
Lou Gibbons botany major was premed.
Harold higgins Irish Geologist
William Oakes
Terence Laslo History/Pyschology

3am at the Uni. Arkham Massacheusetts.
2 model K Chevies and a truck.David can drive.
Mna in his 50’s a truck driver. Has joined us.
We drive through the darkness of Massacheusets about 9 am we reach 20 miles from Cobbs when the truck breaks down takes a while to get a mech out to fix it, then we go onto the farm house we have rented as our base. Hand pump for water, and outhouse availiable.

Boys downstairs on the camp beds and the girls upstairs in the rooms.
Ice box in kitchen Needs Ice?No its supplied and refilled weekly.

We go to town for lunch. Quiet well ordered classic american small town.

Jims Grill – Trolley looking building

Milk Shake, Cheeseburger, and blueberry and apple pie.
Jim, Anne, and son Jason run the diner.

The local sheriff attends the diner. The deputy also. Buff Couloured clothers and has sheriff and deputy stars. Both have guns. Muscular well built baby faced deouty.

We get a riot act reading from the sheriff Dont cause trouble or else.
The deputy tells us the sheriffs sisters story abut the house

(sorry i then blanked out till breakfast)

At he outhouse after the others talk of their disturbed sleep.
Overcast and bird song. Observe a hare in a nearby clearing.
Suddenly behnd it a large rat appears, walking on its hind legs with a dagger.

I passed my san check, it was a child with a dagger and a strange rat mask with tentacles around its mouth. He/she was upset that I drove off the rabbit.

I tell the others, i must have drunk a lot last night, We are detailed to work groups. Find some odd metal stuff.

It was hot sweaty work, thunderclouds are rolling maybe hail later. We wash in a stream then a storm is rolling in as we arrive at the farm. It is hot muggy slight breeze. The air is pregnant with anticipation. We eat ice cream on the porch

Stories are told of giant spectral dog on mound.

Woman Sarah Meadows told them of the river story creature that lives in the gismend. Spiny head. Caves on the river bed.
Out in the rain at night washing the heat away.

The rain continues we work again in a geology search.

Mabel Murphy tells the folklorists about a witch who stole a mans manhood

A body is found, the sheriff suspects it his sister placed there by his brother in law.

The folklore team head off to find the old witch. We shouldnt call her that.

A pitch black cat jumps in hrr lap. Beltane the cat. She was the midwife and herbalist.

Tells us the tale of the tribe that was wiped out.

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