A Time to Harvest

Edward Tatum 5A
After the priest

We report back to Avelard about the mission.

We recuperate for a week which heals us up.

‘A toast a toast, ’To Hell, and back!’

I drink much much champagne. Int the morning I will discover just how brutal bubbles can be.

Penalty Dice are applied when suddenly the office lights go out.10:30pm ‘Oh I could do that’ I say, the Mechanic and Douglas and Frank ’ are coming I start an extensive elaborate drunken ghost story as we head down.

‘He screams at the girl, dont get out of the car!!! Says the deputy’ Why Why she says!’

Suddenly we hear a scream from the floor below we rush forward, then a gun shot!!

I dont hear nothng, I dont.

Our guide drops his torch and runs away. Thats odd thinks I in my drunken state.

We should go on. We go on, We encounter frogmen and begin a brutal brawl. I injure the frog I am fighting and it injures me. I am seriously injured.

I am allowed to wait sleep for a week. I am feeling better by the end of the week though still recuperating.

The mummies they were researching rehydrated and came out of hibernation. We believe they are called deep ones. Oops two are now unaccounted for.

Chapter end.

Edward Tatum 5
The mad priest

One of them stayed at the YMCFC Young Men’s Christian Fellowship Centre.
Cornett had a card for this
Nathan Roche probably stayed there too.
We are in La Tuque.

Both of these men were debrained.

This is close to Cornetts death, we head there.

We talk to some murder Hobo’s, one of them gives us the name Miggie/Mickey who is hanging out at the railyards.

Father Dubois is the administrator of the YMCFC. It is an old nice house that has been made over into temporary accommodation for murder hobo’s. A big middle-aged red haired priest, Speaking with a french accent. The murder hobos have fallen asleep??? No reasonably interested, after an hour he wraps up.

We engage with him. He thinks it is possible he stayed here, he is unsure.

He is lying or omitting something the line of questioning disturbs him. He kicks us out. We head to the rail yard. We may need to kidnap and torture a priest or at least surveil him.

We find a murder hobo in an open railcar with a bottle.

Other than confirming the priest knew at least one of the men he doesn’t give us much. He does tip us off that the priest is without parish as the local church is now under control of another priest who doesnt like him.

We head to there and speak to the priest. Tall thin female housekeeper/assistant. Youngish priest Murphy. Hands stained with paint. Grrens and olives. He replaced the Father zdubois who was not happy aboiut it.

Dubois is believed o be funded by benefactors

We ask about a death registry and odd deaths and disappearances. Or oddities. The priest shows us some of dubois possessions. Phrenology stuff and additional notations added. Sins and virtues charted out on it. Books on surgery and anatomy of brains Photos from a gruesome injury to the head. A mill accident dated 7 yrs ago. It is an actual date which should let us research it.

We head to the newspapers
Pierre leclark was attended and given last rites by Maxim DuBois. Perhaps where he got the idea from what was the publication date’s of the textbooks.

Marcel the Day sub editor showed us to the paper we needed.

Alerts us to 5 years ago cattle skull drilling.

Now give more milk than before.

Federated mill workers

They let us see the report the priest wrote about Leclarks death.

As we leave we see Diane is missing presumably debrained.

We find her back at the hotel bar drinking so not fr off the speculation.

We findinfo andput t a booth nd recoup and review the days together what we can.

We consider going to the library to see if he borrowed books about brain surgery.

But tonight we drink eat and sleep. Tomorrow we have a hangover.

Diane is missing in the morning at the police station we find out that she was seen by a cop and it is suggested that theres is a diner nearby where she was last seen that is open all night maybe she went there??

Justines Hardware – which has a diner attached.

Near the diner we see some police talking to a man. There is a broken window and someone smashed it and broke in.

In the diner I speak to the waitress and she saw Dianne at 4 in the morning. She had coffee and cherry pie. Yum. I have coffee and cherry pie too.

I think we need to go to the federated mill workers .

No sign of there but may have gone climbing.

W e search the foot hills to the south to north and we are near the YMCFC, so we head there speculating that she may have tried to break into there, the headstrong young filly she is.

Frank finds a way to get in via a rope doh…climbs up and investigates the priests room.

We cOme down and find out that her hair is shorn off and her coat in a bin. We break into the office ofthe priest and find phrenology head and noteds that lead us to suspect that the priest wants to do surgery on her head.

We head to St mary’s to investigate.

Not there speak to the priest there any thoughts on where he might have taken her, informs us of a house Dubois has bought recently.

We pile in to his car and he drives us to the street where the house was bought with furious abandon.

We find the priest in one house and we chase him while Douglas searches for our companion.

He bursts out the back there is a black van out the back Frank throws a brick through the window, i leap on the running board

Douglas found Dianne in the house .

Im hanging off the side of the truck. Another rock takes dubois in the side who crashes after running into Frank and a building I leap clear, Father Murphy proceeds to conduct a confession session on Dubois.

Dubois is found to be crazy and had killed four hobos and was going to make Dianne the fifth.

No actual Migo influence was found. We need to report back to our boss.

We report all this back to Abelard…

Edward Tatum 4
4th Chthulhu Session

I must have been struck with some sort of hysterical Amnesia at some point. I don’t recall much after we went to see the Prof, Fire, Flames, an explosion. We succeeded in something and failed in something else. We stopped a kidnapping? We reduced the amount of damage, I think. We captured someone.

It is midnight on the night of chaos. Students, Faculty are affected by something. Most of Arkhams Police are here on Campus trying to restore order. Jason Trent has been taken into custody after we captured him. We have kept a spooky looking mist tube weapon…Frank has retained this and is going to investigate it.

Classes have been cancelled for the day. The local newspapers are talking about chaos, riots, students drinking alcohol. No specific names are mentioned.

At breakfast off campus a representative of Avelard a very very rich man showed up and asked us to accompanying him to see mr Avelard as he wants to meet us. With classes cancelled for the day we have nothing else to do so we proceed. We go to the docs and take flight in an Amphibian Plane.

We fly west inland for two hours, the plane descends, and lands on a lake. We are taken to an industrial complex. A silver Rolls Royce is waiting for us, a very big 6’7 to 6’8 man with red hair and a beard gets out, wearing a kilt and Chauffers uniform. He searches us for significant weapony weapons. He lets us into the rear of the car. There is a attractive young woman and a fat grey haired manin an expensive suit with a unlit cigar.

He introduces himself and seems to know eah of us.

President and founder of federted island chemical, selina preston is the nice looking lady.

He explains he has experienced some strange things and is going to explain it to us.

He lost his wife in child birth. Later he went mt climbing with Michaelin the pyrenees

They were hiking and came across some creatures, strange and unfriendly, we ran, and fell down a ravine, Michael was killed he was crippled. He used a lot of resources to find who they were, creatures from another world, aliens, Migo. He wants vengeance on them, as we were looking for signs

He has a proposal for us to join the expedition of scientists and security personnel to Cobbs Corner to localise and find these Migo’s.

We agree to join the expedition first we ae going to his house, , we are near detroit. We go to an underground parking area and are led into a nicely appointed foyer with an elevator. Avelard is wheel chair bound from his injuries he suffered due to the Migo.

Elevator shows a basement and 5 floors and we are let out into a corridor and left with Miss Preston, who takes us to a conference room. She then gives us a tour of the floor and our accommodation.

We remain in the complex for several days, I was wounded these are healing now. We play cards and listen to the Gramophone as we study in the library.

Go Jogging with Jnes, Tomorrow we are going swimming.

We meet with the team we are going hunting with.

The Plan:

We return to the Farmhouse. We will resume what we are doing, finding stories following leads locate the Migo. Call in the troops dont try and do it yourselves. Nghtly we will meet and compare progress.

Cqnned food
Bottled Water
Medical supplies
I missed some of the supplies here I think Lanterns Batteries and torches
Verey Pistols
Short wave radios
Gasoline and two Vehicles.
Other stuff
There will be rifles, pistols, tommy guns, grenades and ammunitions

Also in backup a small army camped in the woods.

Which woods?

The aliens are fleshy fungus and can change form or colour etc. and that they are looking for something. Mountainous areas they infest looking for metals or minerals and they are interested in brains.

May have mind control, and strange weaponry.

I suggest a regular routine of checking each other for transplant scars to guard against infiltrators.

In the evening we will be taken to see what they already have.

Before dinner we are taken down to the carpark level. We are led into a scrubbing room, and we wash our hands and lab coat up.

We go into a workspace.

An examination table with restraints
Bodies being studied,Andean Mummies with organs being removed and the mummies being dissected found at a derelict Migo base. Possible Migo.
Items Spears knives jewellery green tablet, we shouldnt have been shown all these. Funerary treasures.
Room with Gramophone and chairs. Interviewed one of the creatures, the creture did not appear on the film.
November 18th 1926 Caught 2 days earlier in the Himalayas. We questioned it. It died during questioning.

It learnt english in two days, listening to the speech.
It cant eat the food shown to it.
It was starving to death they were shocking it to keep it compliant.

‘We come from Yugoth, Ninth planet in this system, your species has not found it yet’

It dies and rots away quickly befor ethere wqs an ability to properly Autopsy it.

We exmine the tablet that is not of this world according to my geology.

We have dinner with Mr Abelard, who will take us back to Boston then head to Cobbs Corner there with his team.

That night….

Nothing happens I go swimming in the morning. Then we take a trip to Canada because bodies have been found that are possibly Migo’d.

We pack quickly and will leave immediately.

We are flown North to Canada.Quebec in Quebec City. We catch a train from the Gardepalais. A phrase book will be acquired and we are all given a legitimate looking US Passport. With Canadian Visa,.

The tickets are first class and that we will be met at la tuque railway station.

The statin suggests a large town small city, paper mills and forests and mountains abound. A sulfurous smell in the air.

A man awaits us with a FOC sign. We have a coffee and check with the man what its like here. He is a lawyer for Abelard.

We are directed to the Hotel Bogamoor and the police Station. We have the Lawyers card.

Anthony Corbett and Nathan Roche, Itinerant laborers or Hobo’s

Julian Degamo is the policeman running the investigation.

Short Overweight man with a comb over come in he is the detective

We convince him we are US investigators here to help.

He tells us about the bodies
It was removed with a medical saw.

We go to where the first body was found.
We find human footprints leading into the forest a game trail that goes into the woods

We reach a small clearing and find drag marks from a dead mans heels. We follow the prints then we find a small piece of black cloth ripped off someones clothing.

We inspect the cloth. It is serge. Black serge.

We continue to a field where it was found and the trail continues no further.

Two went in to the forest, one took the other down then dragged them into the clearing

2nd body, Path in the woods, found in the clearing, Claw marks found in the clearing however nothing we recognise.

We track the trail of the claws further into the woods….

Now the alternative name of the Shub niggurath was??Black Groat of the Woods?Thousand young…

The body was worked on here we think, minor blood traces

One of them statyed at the YMCFC Young Mens Christian Fellowship Centre.

Edward Tatum 3
3rd Session

We have come back to school. The library is a consolation and also lets us spot our fellows.

Douglas brings us together at a Hamburger joint to discuss his investigations.
September 3rd we join together

He had talked to all the others who were in Hobbs corner and all say the same thing that they saw things experienced things saw the crab heard strange noises etc etc etc.

He doesnt feel that even a group session with these people would yield results. Douglas advises he intends to speak to blaine

We go to Blaines. His dad is there Douglas bluffs his way to let us go up to talk to him.

Blaines room is unresponsive , we try to pick the lock dislodginga key whihc is retrieved by Frank sliding paper under the door. We open it…

The room was locked from the inside but blaine isnt there. The room is strewn with papers that appear to be the writings of a disturbed man. I take the key and reinsert it on the inner side of the lock.

Diane discovers some small feathers under the bed, which leads to a slit in the mattress. It contains a Journal…..

Insert picture here.

Frank Searches the desk and finds a letter.

It is from professor harold who was in charge of the expedition.

Return to Hobbs Corner???

The journal contains information about Jethro Cratchett.

A letter from his wife is there telling about the death of Jethro.

Well that lead is dead. However why would she think the stories were what he was killed for?

We search the shelves for the encyclopedias, books on anthropology, geology and american folklore.

A small stack of books on the night stand about the occult.

Isis unveiled – HP Lovatsky.
Discoverie of Witchcraft – Reginald scot Early edition….very old.
Daemonality – Lodovico Maria Sinistarre

There is a rattling on the trellis we hide out of sight.

It is Blaine he has two bottles of whisky. He climbs into the room.

Blaine is trying to drink himself into being unable to answer

He promises to show us tomorrow.

A meet is arranged at 10am in the Library.

I have hidden under the bed, I remain behind.
He talks to Daphne?? As if she is there . She seems to be telling him something he is questioning it.
Then a shot rings out, I slide out he is there dead the gun is laying on the floor near the whisky bottles.
I go out the now open window. I am in the bushes in the garden.

He was talking to someone they seemed to be replying though couldn’t hear a thing.

I take Douglas to a diner and tell him about what I heard, I shut up when two cops come in for donuts.

We are meeting at the library for our discussion.

Frank relates a conversation he overheard, TNT, Brain cases, 10:30, Enzymes, Roderick Block, Professor Harold, Terence Lazlo,

We meet an english professor Albert Wilmouth at 2, he tells us about the others are acting strange and they are hanging out near the science building and one of them acts as is the professor knows him and the professor does not. William Noakes.

(Science hall building, four storeys, two buildings the Charles Steiner Science Annex. Some biological sciences, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Applied Sciences)

Couple of years ago Henry Oakley/Akely came to see him for help with odd events. The Prof thinks Noakes is possessed by Akely and acts as if he k nows him. These students are also watching Prof learmonth in the Science building. Thurber, Harold Higgen and William, have been meeting him. It worries me.

The Professor thinks some thing is doing illegal brain transfers based on the information from the overheard discussion.

He then goes into shock and a catatonic state, a separation from reality. An ambulance comes and William Noakes is watching as the professor is taken. When we call him Henry he bolts and is taken down by the fleet frank.

He has scars on his forehead and says he is both William and Henry, We take himback to Douglases room. William Akely has his brain placed in Oakes body, its complicated.

He tells us at 1030 this evening they will take Learmonth into custody and the library to be destroyed, the Oren library.
His masters are the lobster creatures in the river.

The Enzymes are to cause a temporary insanity.

Learmonth has been examinign a mineral and what people told. Pasqualian.

Henry flees.

We are going to see prof learmonth

Session 2 Edward Tatum
In the field

Shaun has the madness his computer has been Chthulu’d.


New stuff
18 August
The rain has revealed a body skull femur maybe sheriffs sister, ex bro in law may have dug up dead wife and moved her back.

Talking to Agnes the old witch

Tell her the story of the rat with dagger and she says there is creatures in the wood, stories of.

Maybe a star nosed mole???

Fertile ground.

We decide to investigate the woods of sugar maples…

We see creatures rushing past we follow them then we enter a clearing with many more of these horrors, then some creature attacks dianne. Blurry white greyish horrible thing runs over her.

We lash out with whats to hand I smash it several times with my pick. It goes down i carve a slice from it for research later we look to the clearing and see a student embedded in stone with his head ripped open and crystals and cables and moss. And his flesh is rotting and dying.

The trapped man tells us to save emily and shows us the direction, we charge off north roughly.

Our fast pace takes us 12 minutes ahead to a ruined shack in a clearing. There is a well. I approach the well then screams from the house I charge the door slam through and see a horned and hooved monster and flee the hut.

I steel myself to return i charge back in and strike down a wounded cresature, Emily is found in the hut she has been tortured we come back to the farm house the deputy and the doctor we spill the story to the deputy and we need to go to the clearing again and save the young man. The deputy gives Doug a shotgun. We need shotgun’s for this kind of work.

Blaine the dodgy showed up. He has gone to bring the others back.

We go into the woods and find jefferies, i smash his brain and end his pain.

We go to the hut, the bodies are gone.

We head back there are monsters I strike at 1 and crit fail 00 and turn to runscreaming this is too terrible. I have lost the axe. We encounter the deputy in his car and he rescues us and takes us back to town….

We are sent back to the Uni, we return to the Uni and have to see the dean.Marinus bickness has this report from the sheriff for indecent behavious and drunkenness. We throw Blaine under the truck.

We are on probation. 3 weeks till new academic year.

Session 1 - Return to Cobbs Corner

Google Docs Session Log
Let me know if you want access to edit, doing stuff in here is painful.

Harvest 1
Edward Tatum

August 1930 – Prohibition/stock market crash/great depression beginning impacting

Douglas Stoneman – Classics – Les
Diane Kitchen – English Major – Rhain
David lewis – Physics – Evan
Frank Hailig – Archaeology – Mark
Edward Tatun – Metallurgy – Andrew

Students at Arkham.

Expedition to Cobbs Corner in the state of Vermont.

Folklore, Mining exploration expedition. Last year there was an accident, 1 killed, 2 missing presumed dead. A climbing accident, involved Boyd Patterson, Daphne Devine and John Jeffrey bodies not found, Robert Blane is this years leader however missed the fatal day dueto a broken arm.

Others on

Clarissa Thurber
Jason Trent History
Roderic Block – Little Rod –
Lou Gibbons botany major was premed.
Harold higgins Irish Geologist
William Oakes
Terence Laslo History/Pyschology

3am at the Uni. Arkham Massacheusetts.
2 model K Chevies and a truck.David can drive.
Mna in his 50’s a truck driver. Has joined us.
We drive through the darkness of Massacheusets about 9 am we reach 20 miles from Cobbs when the truck breaks down takes a while to get a mech out to fix it, then we go onto the farm house we have rented as our base. Hand pump for water, and outhouse availiable.

Boys downstairs on the camp beds and the girls upstairs in the rooms.
Ice box in kitchen Needs Ice?No its supplied and refilled weekly.

We go to town for lunch. Quiet well ordered classic american small town.

Jims Grill – Trolley looking building

Milk Shake, Cheeseburger, and blueberry and apple pie.
Jim, Anne, and son Jason run the diner.

The local sheriff attends the diner. The deputy also. Buff Couloured clothers and has sheriff and deputy stars. Both have guns. Muscular well built baby faced deouty.

We get a riot act reading from the sheriff Dont cause trouble or else.
The deputy tells us the sheriffs sisters story abut the house

(sorry i then blanked out till breakfast)

At he outhouse after the others talk of their disturbed sleep.
Overcast and bird song. Observe a hare in a nearby clearing.
Suddenly behnd it a large rat appears, walking on its hind legs with a dagger.

I passed my san check, it was a child with a dagger and a strange rat mask with tentacles around its mouth. He/she was upset that I drove off the rabbit.

I tell the others, i must have drunk a lot last night, We are detailed to work groups. Find some odd metal stuff.

It was hot sweaty work, thunderclouds are rolling maybe hail later. We wash in a stream then a storm is rolling in as we arrive at the farm. It is hot muggy slight breeze. The air is pregnant with anticipation. We eat ice cream on the porch

Stories are told of giant spectral dog on mound.

Woman Sarah Meadows told them of the river story creature that lives in the gismend. Spiny head. Caves on the river bed.
Out in the rain at night washing the heat away.

The rain continues we work again in a geology search.

Mabel Murphy tells the folklorists about a witch who stole a mans manhood

A body is found, the sheriff suspects it his sister placed there by his brother in law.

The folklore team head off to find the old witch. We shouldnt call her that.

A pitch black cat jumps in hrr lap. Beltane the cat. She was the midwife and herbalist.

Tells us the tale of the tribe that was wiped out.

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