Michael Abelard

President, Federated Oil and Chemical


Michael Abelard is the founder and current president of the board of Federated Oil and Chemical. Horrendously wealthy in post crash America, he wields great financial and political clout, yet his personal life has been marred by tragedy after tragedy. His beautiful wife Maria died giving birth to a son who also didn’t survive the
ordeal. His only surviving son Michael Jnr was killed in a climbing accident in the Pyrenees. Abelard lost the use of his legs during the same accident Now confined to a wheelchair,
he runs FOC with draconian vigor and retains the keen mind and ruthlessness of his youthful years.

Since the death of his son, Abelard has financed many surveys in geographically remote areas under the guise of expanding FOC’s global power. The real purpose behind these surveys is his relentless pursuit of the mi-go themselves. Abelard blames his son’s death on the mi-go and wants revenge. Thus, he pursues any and all possible mi-go sightings. He has only recently turned his attention towards the United States, having previously believed that remote ranges, such as the Andes and the Himalayas, offered the best chance of catching up with the alien creatures.


Michael Abelard

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