Father Maxime Dubois

Deranged Priest


Asking around about Dubois, locals regard him as a friendly and helpful member of the community. He used his own savings to support the opening of the Y.M.C.F.C. He now works to bring the word of the Lord to society’s misfits and down-and-outs. But he has dark secrets.

A second-generation French immigrant, raised in Toronto by a drunken and abusive father, Dubois lived his life wondering about the nature of evil. He arrived in La Tuque ten years ago and began preaching at St. Mary’s Church. One day, he was called to a paper mill to perform the last rites for a man who’d suffered severe head injuries in an accident. From seeing the dying man’s open, pulsing brain, Dubois macabre interest in Phrenology grew. His unhealthy regard for Phrenology combined with an underlying psychopathy, has led him to murder so he can study his victim’s brains. In his madness, Dubois believes God condones his actions, and his obsession is a service to mankind.


Father Maxime Dubois

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