A Time to Harvest

Session 6 Edward Tatum

A time to harvest 6.

Session 6 Edward Tatum

19 March 2017

Return to Cobbs Corner

FOC are sending us back to the Cobbs Corner, We have some support with

Neckler – Mechanic – Ex-Navy
Mathieson – Doctor, Scientist Pathologist
Drake – Psych Historian
Morrison – Army Security Expert

There is also a small army nearby

I asked for and received training in throwing and hndgun, however showed no improvement with rifles

We were issued equipment and packed some extras.

I picked up a Browning 1911 in .45

We return to Cobbs Corner, at the farmhouse there has been a significant increase in security and protection, a large radio mast and generator reinforced walls and roofs and traps snares and trips and a outhouse dug close.

Overnight we hear a trap go off, its too dangerous to wander around so we nwait for morning. We investigte and find a trap triggeree and slimed in migo death goo.

We replace the trap and I place some extras

We are going to town and to speak to emelda cratchett widow.

We have her address we decide to see the town paper records first and Dr Perry to speak too to see if he can explain why he thinks the death was an accident.

We investigate at the library and come across a strange thing that youth in this town die more often than you would expect.

We find there is more info from an inquest into Stanley perkins 14. We are going to try the town hall and the sheriffs for the coroners report.

Note all folklore books keep being stolen so doesn’t buy them anymore into the libraries .

At the Sheriffs we find that Perkins died from hypothermia/exposure, we suspect a mist gun.

We go to the doctors and see the receptionist and the doctor.

I flirt with the 17yr old and arrange a date to see her at 630 at the diner. Telling the guys about the date the sheriff shows up behind and freaks me out.

We head to Widow Cratchetts house after the Sheriff warns us off. We look around and find a hip flask We also discover that the barn is setup for a moonshine runners garage and moonshine stored there

We get the hip flask and moonshine jug analysed,

I go to the bathhouse and the barbers get cleaned up and buy some rubber johnnies from the barber.


I go to the diner for the date however the sheriff shows up and cock blocks me. The little chippie comes in but doesn’t come nerar gets a milkshake. I manage to pass a message she waves me off, the sheriff leaves I leave the girl leaves we follow her at a distance and follow to her home, the sheriff doesn’t follow . We head back to the farm and talk to the Mission commander. We pass the night except for a high pitched buzzing noise heard by Frank.

We are going to talk to the school teacher about the deaths of the children

These children drawhorrible pictures and shocking tales. The teacher was born here but moved away and returned 3 years ago.

I last year 2 this year.

One of the boys cut open a live cat as the other chilldren danced and sang a horrible song the boy threated her life and then he died a week later.

The teacher shows us some of their vogon poetry and naïve style pictures which are very disturbing.

The girl wholet our tires down comes up on her bike and goes in. I let her tires down. Revenge!!!

We got to the Widow Cratchetts, after the boy James warned us that there was a break in.

The widow was not happy we were from the Miskatonic, we yelled through the door that we were investigating the evile Blaine who was our mutual cause of our troubles.

She tells us about the Great great relative who laid down legends of the surrounds and strange events. Jethro was fascinated about them, Blaine and Devine kept interviewing t

We negotiate with the widow for the ancestors journals making certain promises .

Things to still do :
Go back to the school find out who bike girl is and where she lives. Have her followed..

Kouzras the Farmer is well prepared for any evils that may come his way with wolfsbane, garlic crosses and knotted ropes.

His cows disappeared or were slaughtered, Striga are doing sacrifices in the blood at each new moon. He hears the voices of children being used in these sacrifices. There are goat like devils prints. He thinks the Sheriff is involved he does not believe .

There is a stone circle near by and tonight is the new moon.

Time to summon the private army ….



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