A Time to Harvest

Session 2 Edward Tatum

In the field

Shaun has the madness his computer has been Chthulu’d.


New stuff
18 August
The rain has revealed a body skull femur maybe sheriffs sister, ex bro in law may have dug up dead wife and moved her back.

Talking to Agnes the old witch

Tell her the story of the rat with dagger and she says there is creatures in the wood, stories of.

Maybe a star nosed mole???

Fertile ground.

We decide to investigate the woods of sugar maples…

We see creatures rushing past we follow them then we enter a clearing with many more of these horrors, then some creature attacks dianne. Blurry white greyish horrible thing runs over her.

We lash out with whats to hand I smash it several times with my pick. It goes down i carve a slice from it for research later we look to the clearing and see a student embedded in stone with his head ripped open and crystals and cables and moss. And his flesh is rotting and dying.

The trapped man tells us to save emily and shows us the direction, we charge off north roughly.

Our fast pace takes us 12 minutes ahead to a ruined shack in a clearing. There is a well. I approach the well then screams from the house I charge the door slam through and see a horned and hooved monster and flee the hut.

I steel myself to return i charge back in and strike down a wounded cresature, Emily is found in the hut she has been tortured we come back to the farm house the deputy and the doctor we spill the story to the deputy and we need to go to the clearing again and save the young man. The deputy gives Doug a shotgun. We need shotgun’s for this kind of work.

Blaine the dodgy showed up. He has gone to bring the others back.

We go into the woods and find jefferies, i smash his brain and end his pain.

We go to the hut, the bodies are gone.

We head back there are monsters I strike at 1 and crit fail 00 and turn to runscreaming this is too terrible. I have lost the axe. We encounter the deputy in his car and he rescues us and takes us back to town….

We are sent back to the Uni, we return to the Uni and have to see the dean.Marinus bickness has this report from the sheriff for indecent behavious and drunkenness. We throw Blaine under the truck.

We are on probation. 3 weeks till new academic year.



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