A Time to Harvest

Edward Tatum 5A

After the priest

We report back to Avelard about the mission.

We recuperate for a week which heals us up.

‘A toast a toast, ’To Hell, and back!’

I drink much much champagne. Int the morning I will discover just how brutal bubbles can be.

Penalty Dice are applied when suddenly the office lights go out.10:30pm ‘Oh I could do that’ I say, the Mechanic and Douglas and Frank ’ are coming I start an extensive elaborate drunken ghost story as we head down.

‘He screams at the girl, dont get out of the car!!! Says the deputy’ Why Why she says!’

Suddenly we hear a scream from the floor below we rush forward, then a gun shot!!

I dont hear nothng, I dont.

Our guide drops his torch and runs away. Thats odd thinks I in my drunken state.

We should go on. We go on, We encounter frogmen and begin a brutal brawl. I injure the frog I am fighting and it injures me. I am seriously injured.

I am allowed to wait sleep for a week. I am feeling better by the end of the week though still recuperating.

The mummies they were researching rehydrated and came out of hibernation. We believe they are called deep ones. Oops two are now unaccounted for.

Chapter end.



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