A Time to Harvest

Edward Tatum 5

The mad priest

One of them stayed at the YMCFC Young Men’s Christian Fellowship Centre.
Cornett had a card for this
Nathan Roche probably stayed there too.
We are in La Tuque.

Both of these men were debrained.

This is close to Cornetts death, we head there.

We talk to some murder Hobo’s, one of them gives us the name Miggie/Mickey who is hanging out at the railyards.

Father Dubois is the administrator of the YMCFC. It is an old nice house that has been made over into temporary accommodation for murder hobo’s. A big middle-aged red haired priest, Speaking with a french accent. The murder hobos have fallen asleep??? No reasonably interested, after an hour he wraps up.

We engage with him. He thinks it is possible he stayed here, he is unsure.

He is lying or omitting something the line of questioning disturbs him. He kicks us out. We head to the rail yard. We may need to kidnap and torture a priest or at least surveil him.

We find a murder hobo in an open railcar with a bottle.

Other than confirming the priest knew at least one of the men he doesn’t give us much. He does tip us off that the priest is without parish as the local church is now under control of another priest who doesnt like him.

We head to there and speak to the priest. Tall thin female housekeeper/assistant. Youngish priest Murphy. Hands stained with paint. Grrens and olives. He replaced the Father zdubois who was not happy aboiut it.

Dubois is believed o be funded by benefactors

We ask about a death registry and odd deaths and disappearances. Or oddities. The priest shows us some of dubois possessions. Phrenology stuff and additional notations added. Sins and virtues charted out on it. Books on surgery and anatomy of brains Photos from a gruesome injury to the head. A mill accident dated 7 yrs ago. It is an actual date which should let us research it.

We head to the newspapers
Pierre leclark was attended and given last rites by Maxim DuBois. Perhaps where he got the idea from what was the publication date’s of the textbooks.

Marcel the Day sub editor showed us to the paper we needed.

Alerts us to 5 years ago cattle skull drilling.

Now give more milk than before.

Federated mill workers

They let us see the report the priest wrote about Leclarks death.

As we leave we see Diane is missing presumably debrained.

We find her back at the hotel bar drinking so not fr off the speculation.

We findinfo andput t a booth nd recoup and review the days together what we can.

We consider going to the library to see if he borrowed books about brain surgery.

But tonight we drink eat and sleep. Tomorrow we have a hangover.

Diane is missing in the morning at the police station we find out that she was seen by a cop and it is suggested that theres is a diner nearby where she was last seen that is open all night maybe she went there??

Justines Hardware – which has a diner attached.

Near the diner we see some police talking to a man. There is a broken window and someone smashed it and broke in.

In the diner I speak to the waitress and she saw Dianne at 4 in the morning. She had coffee and cherry pie. Yum. I have coffee and cherry pie too.

I think we need to go to the federated mill workers .

No sign of there but may have gone climbing.

W e search the foot hills to the south to north and we are near the YMCFC, so we head there speculating that she may have tried to break into there, the headstrong young filly she is.

Frank finds a way to get in via a rope doh…climbs up and investigates the priests room.

We cOme down and find out that her hair is shorn off and her coat in a bin. We break into the office ofthe priest and find phrenology head and noteds that lead us to suspect that the priest wants to do surgery on her head.

We head to St mary’s to investigate.

Not there speak to the priest there any thoughts on where he might have taken her, informs us of a house Dubois has bought recently.

We pile in to his car and he drives us to the street where the house was bought with furious abandon.

We find the priest in one house and we chase him while Douglas searches for our companion.

He bursts out the back there is a black van out the back Frank throws a brick through the window, i leap on the running board

Douglas found Dianne in the house .

Im hanging off the side of the truck. Another rock takes dubois in the side who crashes after running into Frank and a building I leap clear, Father Murphy proceeds to conduct a confession session on Dubois.

Dubois is found to be crazy and had killed four hobos and was going to make Dianne the fifth.

No actual Migo influence was found. We need to report back to our boss.

We report all this back to Abelard…



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