A Time to Harvest

Edward Tatum 4

4th Chthulhu Session

I must have been struck with some sort of hysterical Amnesia at some point. I don’t recall much after we went to see the Prof, Fire, Flames, an explosion. We succeeded in something and failed in something else. We stopped a kidnapping? We reduced the amount of damage, I think. We captured someone.

It is midnight on the night of chaos. Students, Faculty are affected by something. Most of Arkhams Police are here on Campus trying to restore order. Jason Trent has been taken into custody after we captured him. We have kept a spooky looking mist tube weapon…Frank has retained this and is going to investigate it.

Classes have been cancelled for the day. The local newspapers are talking about chaos, riots, students drinking alcohol. No specific names are mentioned.

At breakfast off campus a representative of Avelard a very very rich man showed up and asked us to accompanying him to see mr Avelard as he wants to meet us. With classes cancelled for the day we have nothing else to do so we proceed. We go to the docs and take flight in an Amphibian Plane.

We fly west inland for two hours, the plane descends, and lands on a lake. We are taken to an industrial complex. A silver Rolls Royce is waiting for us, a very big 6’7 to 6’8 man with red hair and a beard gets out, wearing a kilt and Chauffers uniform. He searches us for significant weapony weapons. He lets us into the rear of the car. There is a attractive young woman and a fat grey haired manin an expensive suit with a unlit cigar.

He introduces himself and seems to know eah of us.

President and founder of federted island chemical, selina preston is the nice looking lady.

He explains he has experienced some strange things and is going to explain it to us.

He lost his wife in child birth. Later he went mt climbing with Michaelin the pyrenees

They were hiking and came across some creatures, strange and unfriendly, we ran, and fell down a ravine, Michael was killed he was crippled. He used a lot of resources to find who they were, creatures from another world, aliens, Migo. He wants vengeance on them, as we were looking for signs

He has a proposal for us to join the expedition of scientists and security personnel to Cobbs Corner to localise and find these Migo’s.

We agree to join the expedition first we ae going to his house, , we are near detroit. We go to an underground parking area and are led into a nicely appointed foyer with an elevator. Avelard is wheel chair bound from his injuries he suffered due to the Migo.

Elevator shows a basement and 5 floors and we are let out into a corridor and left with Miss Preston, who takes us to a conference room. She then gives us a tour of the floor and our accommodation.

We remain in the complex for several days, I was wounded these are healing now. We play cards and listen to the Gramophone as we study in the library.

Go Jogging with Jnes, Tomorrow we are going swimming.

We meet with the team we are going hunting with.

The Plan:

We return to the Farmhouse. We will resume what we are doing, finding stories following leads locate the Migo. Call in the troops dont try and do it yourselves. Nghtly we will meet and compare progress.

Cqnned food
Bottled Water
Medical supplies
I missed some of the supplies here I think Lanterns Batteries and torches
Verey Pistols
Short wave radios
Gasoline and two Vehicles.
Other stuff
There will be rifles, pistols, tommy guns, grenades and ammunitions

Also in backup a small army camped in the woods.

Which woods?

The aliens are fleshy fungus and can change form or colour etc. and that they are looking for something. Mountainous areas they infest looking for metals or minerals and they are interested in brains.

May have mind control, and strange weaponry.

I suggest a regular routine of checking each other for transplant scars to guard against infiltrators.

In the evening we will be taken to see what they already have.

Before dinner we are taken down to the carpark level. We are led into a scrubbing room, and we wash our hands and lab coat up.

We go into a workspace.

An examination table with restraints
Bodies being studied,Andean Mummies with organs being removed and the mummies being dissected found at a derelict Migo base. Possible Migo.
Items Spears knives jewellery green tablet, we shouldnt have been shown all these. Funerary treasures.
Room with Gramophone and chairs. Interviewed one of the creatures, the creture did not appear on the film.
November 18th 1926 Caught 2 days earlier in the Himalayas. We questioned it. It died during questioning.

It learnt english in two days, listening to the speech.
It cant eat the food shown to it.
It was starving to death they were shocking it to keep it compliant.

‘We come from Yugoth, Ninth planet in this system, your species has not found it yet’

It dies and rots away quickly befor ethere wqs an ability to properly Autopsy it.

We exmine the tablet that is not of this world according to my geology.

We have dinner with Mr Abelard, who will take us back to Boston then head to Cobbs Corner there with his team.

That night….

Nothing happens I go swimming in the morning. Then we take a trip to Canada because bodies have been found that are possibly Migo’d.

We pack quickly and will leave immediately.

We are flown North to Canada.Quebec in Quebec City. We catch a train from the Gardepalais. A phrase book will be acquired and we are all given a legitimate looking US Passport. With Canadian Visa,.

The tickets are first class and that we will be met at la tuque railway station.

The statin suggests a large town small city, paper mills and forests and mountains abound. A sulfurous smell in the air.

A man awaits us with a FOC sign. We have a coffee and check with the man what its like here. He is a lawyer for Abelard.

We are directed to the Hotel Bogamoor and the police Station. We have the Lawyers card.

Anthony Corbett and Nathan Roche, Itinerant laborers or Hobo’s

Julian Degamo is the policeman running the investigation.

Short Overweight man with a comb over come in he is the detective

We convince him we are US investigators here to help.

He tells us about the bodies
It was removed with a medical saw.

We go to where the first body was found.
We find human footprints leading into the forest a game trail that goes into the woods

We reach a small clearing and find drag marks from a dead mans heels. We follow the prints then we find a small piece of black cloth ripped off someones clothing.

We inspect the cloth. It is serge. Black serge.

We continue to a field where it was found and the trail continues no further.

Two went in to the forest, one took the other down then dragged them into the clearing

2nd body, Path in the woods, found in the clearing, Claw marks found in the clearing however nothing we recognise.

We track the trail of the claws further into the woods….

Now the alternative name of the Shub niggurath was??Black Groat of the Woods?Thousand young…

The body was worked on here we think, minor blood traces

One of them statyed at the YMCFC Young Mens Christian Fellowship Centre.



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