A Time to Harvest

Edward Tatum 3

3rd Session

We have come back to school. The library is a consolation and also lets us spot our fellows.

Douglas brings us together at a Hamburger joint to discuss his investigations.
September 3rd we join together

He had talked to all the others who were in Hobbs corner and all say the same thing that they saw things experienced things saw the crab heard strange noises etc etc etc.

He doesnt feel that even a group session with these people would yield results. Douglas advises he intends to speak to blaine

We go to Blaines. His dad is there Douglas bluffs his way to let us go up to talk to him.

Blaines room is unresponsive , we try to pick the lock dislodginga key whihc is retrieved by Frank sliding paper under the door. We open it…

The room was locked from the inside but blaine isnt there. The room is strewn with papers that appear to be the writings of a disturbed man. I take the key and reinsert it on the inner side of the lock.

Diane discovers some small feathers under the bed, which leads to a slit in the mattress. It contains a Journal…..

Insert picture here.

Frank Searches the desk and finds a letter.

It is from professor harold who was in charge of the expedition.

Return to Hobbs Corner???

The journal contains information about Jethro Cratchett.

A letter from his wife is there telling about the death of Jethro.

Well that lead is dead. However why would she think the stories were what he was killed for?

We search the shelves for the encyclopedias, books on anthropology, geology and american folklore.

A small stack of books on the night stand about the occult.

Isis unveiled – HP Lovatsky.
Discoverie of Witchcraft – Reginald scot Early edition….very old.
Daemonality – Lodovico Maria Sinistarre

There is a rattling on the trellis we hide out of sight.

It is Blaine he has two bottles of whisky. He climbs into the room.

Blaine is trying to drink himself into being unable to answer

He promises to show us tomorrow.

A meet is arranged at 10am in the Library.

I have hidden under the bed, I remain behind.
He talks to Daphne?? As if she is there . She seems to be telling him something he is questioning it.
Then a shot rings out, I slide out he is there dead the gun is laying on the floor near the whisky bottles.
I go out the now open window. I am in the bushes in the garden.

He was talking to someone they seemed to be replying though couldn’t hear a thing.

I take Douglas to a diner and tell him about what I heard, I shut up when two cops come in for donuts.

We are meeting at the library for our discussion.

Frank relates a conversation he overheard, TNT, Brain cases, 10:30, Enzymes, Roderick Block, Professor Harold, Terence Lazlo,

We meet an english professor Albert Wilmouth at 2, he tells us about the others are acting strange and they are hanging out near the science building and one of them acts as is the professor knows him and the professor does not. William Noakes.

(Science hall building, four storeys, two buildings the Charles Steiner Science Annex. Some biological sciences, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Applied Sciences)

Couple of years ago Henry Oakley/Akely came to see him for help with odd events. The Prof thinks Noakes is possessed by Akely and acts as if he k nows him. These students are also watching Prof learmonth in the Science building. Thurber, Harold Higgen and William, have been meeting him. It worries me.

The Professor thinks some thing is doing illegal brain transfers based on the information from the overheard discussion.

He then goes into shock and a catatonic state, a separation from reality. An ambulance comes and William Noakes is watching as the professor is taken. When we call him Henry he bolts and is taken down by the fleet frank.

He has scars on his forehead and says he is both William and Henry, We take himback to Douglases room. William Akely has his brain placed in Oakes body, its complicated.

He tells us at 1030 this evening they will take Learmonth into custody and the library to be destroyed, the Oren library.
His masters are the lobster creatures in the river.

The Enzymes are to cause a temporary insanity.

Learmonth has been examinign a mineral and what people told. Pasqualian.

Henry flees.

We are going to see prof learmonth



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